Wedding Jewelry

In addition to picking out the perfect wedding dress and veil, brides also have the fun task of selecting the perfect >wedding jewelry to compliment their gown. On your wedding day, it is natural to want the perfect look. Brides usually begin the day getting their hair and makeup done by a professional stylist. Weeks before the big day, brides may begin the search for wedding jewelry. If you are having a simple ceremony, your wedding jewelry may simply include a nice pair of earrings or necklace. However, if you are planning on a huge formal affair, elegant and classy wedding accessories is more suitable.

When selecting wedding jewelry, some brides choose to wear family heirloom jewelry. This may include an antique pearl necklace or earrings. Pearls are a nice look for a bride. However, pearls are very expensive. Imitation pearls are nice; however, they do not provide the same elegant look of real pearls. No one is suggesting you spend thousands of dollars on quality pearls. Instead, select quality imitation jewels or pearls. Another alternative is to borrow pearls from a wedding boutique or jeweler.

In addition to earrings and necklaces, brides generally wear some sort of headdress on their wedding day. Tiaras are used to attach a veil. However, you may include a tiara as part of the wedding jewelry even when a veil is not being worn. Tiaras include simple, inexpensive designs that may be purchased from department stores, or formal wear retailers. If you prefer a quality tiara, you may select a headdress with real diamonds. Of course, these are expensive. Before choosing a tiara with diamonds, browse the selection of tiaras with imitation diamonds. These afford a nice classy look, and will save you money. Quality imitation diamonds include cubic zirconia, diamonique, and moissanite stones.

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