Estate Jewelry

Antique and estate jewelry is very popular throughout the globe, especially within the United States. If you are a serious jewelry lover, you may attempt to get your hands on fashionable estate jewelry. Unlike other jewelry, which is readily available at local jewelry stores, estate jewelry is unique. These jewelry pieces are pre-owned. Furthermore, the jewelry is older. This sort of jewelry is in high demand by those who own and operate antique jewelry stores. Estate jewelry is perfect for gifts and wedding bands. Moreover, you may obtain necklace, bracelet, and earring estate jewelry.

The best place to locate estate jewelry is from an antique jewelry dealer. These retailers specialize in both estate and antique jewelry. While these two types of jewelry are similar, antique jewelry is much older than estate jewelry. To be considered an antique, jewelry must be at least 100 years old. Estate jewelry may be a family heirloom piece. This may include a wedding or engagement band that has been passed down throughout the years. Pearls are also a popular family heirloom. Estate jewelry dealers may be located in your local area. If not, conduct a quick search online to find the nearest jeweler of estate jewelry.

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Because estate jewelry is a vintage piece, proper care is essential. This sort of jewelry is available for males and females. However, estate jewelry is not recommended for children. These jewelry pieces are expensive. Moreover, they are more fragile than newer pieces of jewelry. To avoid breaking or damaging estate jewelry, limited wear is recommended. Newer, durable jewelry is suggested for daily wear. Reserve your estate jewelry for special occasions. In addition, have you estate jewelry cleaned by a professional. To keep your estate jewelry safe and secure, purchase a jewelry box or soft cloth jewelry bag for storage.

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