Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds are a precious stone that are exchanged between people who love each other. Because diamond jewelry is a common symbol of love and affection, it only makes sense to properly care for diamond jewelry. Diamonds are extremely durable. This does not imply that they should be treated without care. Although the odds of a diamond scratching are slim, it is possible. To avoid damaging your precious stones, it is important to adhere to a few storage and cleaning guidelines. If you are purchasing your first piece of diamond jewelry, ask the sales representative for a care tag. Most jewelry retailers maintain a stock of informational cards on how to care for diamond jewelry.

There are many options for storing your diamond jewelry. The majority of the population never removes their diamond rings, necklaces, and bracelets. However, wearing jewelry while sleeping and showering is risky. Throughout the night, tossing and turning in the bed may cause loose strings to snag your jewelry. This may result in your necklace or bracelet popping. If possible, remove your diamond jewelry prior to bedtime. The safest place to store your jewelry is in a jewelry box, case, or cloth bag. Wherever you choose to house your diamond jewelry, make sure the interior is soft. Thus, the diamond will not scratch.

Even with proper care and storage, diamond jewelry will eventually lose its shine. To avoid this problem, it is important that you clean your diamond weekly. You may purchase a jewelry cleaning kit. These come equipped with jewelry cleaning solution, cleaning brush, etc. To clean your diamond jewelry, begin by soaking your diamond in warm soapy water or cleaning solution. The diamond can soak overnight, or for a few hours. Afterwards, remove the diamond and gently scrub away dirt and body oils. If your jewelry is heavily soiled, you may need to repeat step two. The final step involves rinsing your diamond. You may blot your jewelry dry with a soft cloth, or allow the diamond jewelry to air dry for a few minutes. Once the cleaning process is complete, your diamonds will have a noticeable renewed shine.

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