Baby Jewelry

When people purchase jewelry pieces, they mainly buy jewelry for adults or older children. However, it is common to purchase baby jewelry for your newborn or infant. Baby jewelry includes a variety of styles and designs. Moreover, the size of baby jewelry is perfect for smaller hands. If you are looking for the perfect baby shower or welcome home present, infant jewelry is the perfect choice. For the most part, infant jewelry is available for girl babies. However, there are smaller infant bracelets that are designed for little baby boys. These include beaded or knit bracelets of blue and red.

If you are opting to buy someone baby jewelry, consider a sterling silver or gold bangle bracelet for a little girl. If possible, have the bracelet engraved. This adds a nice touch to the gift. Engravings may include the baby's name, birthday, and a sweet message. Parents who purchase a baby bracelet may also include the baby's birth weight on the bracelet. This nice item can be included in treasured baby boxes or albums. Aside from bracelets, baby jewelry may consist of earrings. When babies are approximately eight weeks old, some parents choose to pierce their little ears. Tiny diamond or gold earrings are the perfect gift for your little one.

Although baby jewelry is very pretty, parents and gift givers should avoid buying infants and smaller children baby necklaces. These are extremely dangerous. If the necklace includes a charm, babies could accidentally swallow the charm if the necklace is broken. Infants and young children love to pull and tug at objects. A shiny necklace and charm around their necks is very tempting. Moreover, necklaces pose a choke hazard. As the child moves about, the necklace may become caught on something. In rare instance, a necklace may cause breathing restrictions and potential suffocation.

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